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China’s railway ticketing system just put the finishing touches on a major face lift that started back in 2011 with automated ticket machines at train stations located throughout mainland China. Travelers to Qingdao and beyond can now purchase train tickets online at or reserve tickets by calling 9510-5105 or 96006.Train tickets can now be picked up at any destination (Qingdao Railway Station, Beijing Railway Station, etc.) or local ticket agency. Reserving and purchasing tickets in advance for your entire round-trip journey is now possible.

Purchasing Train Tickets in China:
Train tickets can be purchased 20 days in advance via the internet or phone reservation  systems.
Train tickets can be purchased 18 days in advance at train ticket agencies or auto ticket machines .
Train tickets can be purchased 6 days in advance at train station counters.
Note:  D-G bullet train tickets start selling at 11:00 while other train tickets start to selling at 13:00.

Popular destinations to and from Qingdao include Beijing, Shanghai, Jinan, Tai’an, Tianjin, and Guangzhou. Refer to the Qingdao Railway Schedule for more details.

China Railway eTickets
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