Jiaozhou Governor’s Hall

Jiaozhou Governors Hall, Qingdao Old Town.

The Jiaozhou Governor’s Hall or Governor’s Palace was designed German architect Mahlke and constructed by F.H. Schmidt Company of Germany from the summer of 1904 to January 1906. Originally the German Gouverneurspalast (Governor’s Palace) constructed of Mount Lao granite, brick, and wood, this rectangular building measures 80 meters by 40 meters with 7,500 square meters of floor space, 4 stories, and a semi-basement. During the Siege of TsingTao (TsingTau) the building became the headquarters of the Japanese forces until 1922 when China regained sovereignty of Shandong Province. Again from 1938 to 1945 the building was used by the Japanese forces prior to World War II. After the war the building was utilized by the Kuomintang government until June 1949 when the People’s Republic of China took control. It is currently used as an office building of the Qingdao People’s Municipal Government and in 1995 was classified as a key cultural relic and placed under state-level protection. The main Qingdao City Government building is located across from May Fourth Square in Shinan’s Central Business District.

青岛德国总督府旧址是德占时期的代表性建筑。 建筑平面布局为“凹”字形,东西长80米,南北长约40米。 主题高四层,约20米,底层为半地下形式。 立面形式采取欧洲文艺复兴时期的三段构图方法,中部及两侧略外突,墙面采用花岗岩砌筑,南立面入口附设39级台阶直达二层门庭。 整座建筑以砖石木结构为主,细部处理严谨,依地势而建,给人高大深远且庄重威严的感觉。 为德国设计师马尔克设计,于1904年夏由德国F.H。施密特公司着手组织施工,至1906年1月建成。 建国后,为青岛市人民政府办公使用,1995年被批准为国家级重点文物保护单位。

Qingdao (TsingTau) Old Town – Jiaozhou Governors Hall – Gouverneurspalast
11 YiShui Road
Completed in 1906
Shinan District, Shandong Province, Qingdao.   P.R. China
青岛德国总督府旧址: 中国山东省青岛市市南区 地址:沂水路11号

Photograph © Colton Dirks

Jiaozhou Governor’s Hall
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