International Community Centre (QICC) – CLOSED


The first Qingdao International Community Centre (NOW CLOSED) for the foreign community opened to the public, officially, on 20th October 2012. The vision is to grow and develop with the community’s needs for activities and social interaction. The indoor premises have been refurbished to provide two spacious and practical rooms. The largest room offers a comfortable seating lounge, social seating with round tables and an indoor garden. The second room is a vast kitchen and catering area for many uses. The expanse of windows gives the best viewing gallery for parents to also watch their children participating in sports on the nearby sports field.

The facility is in the Huangdao District of Qingdao, by easy access via the undersea tunnel connecting to the city centre. The foreign community will gain the available indoor and outdoor provision for activities and events for all ages. YCIS Qingdao will sponsor adult and children’s activities, ranging for the audience of toddlers to adults. The centre also seeks to attract other organizations and parties who are keen to use the space for new ideas to add to the social welfare of the community. A new website with contact details and upcoming activities and gatherings is now open for usage. The staff also waits to assist facilitating activities brought forward by the community and look forward to people submitting their ideas via the on-line questionnaire. For further details please visit:

青岛国际社区中心 (QICC)
青岛的首个专门为外籍朋友提供服务的社区中心。 能够和外籍团体这个大家庭共同成长、发展并满足大家庭中成员的需求、丰富社交互动是我们的愿景。社区中心内部划分为两大功能型区域,其中接待大厅内设有舒适的沙发和惬意的圆桌以及室内花园。而另一个区域则是大型厨房和就餐区域,可以满足各种活动需求。而宽敞的全景落地窗可以让家长在社交的同时关注到孩子在活动区域的游玩情况。社区中心座落在青岛市开发区(黄岛),可以通过海底隧道便利的交通抵达。不同年龄的外籍朋友们可以尽情享受室内外的设施和活动。


Qingdao International Community Centre (QICC)
72 TaiHangShan Road
Huangdao District
Qingdao, Shandong Province, China

International Community Centre (QICC) – CLOSED
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