Prinz Heinrich Hotel – Qingdao Old Town

Prinz Heinrich Hotel, Qingdao Old Town

Prinz Heinrich Hotel, named after German Emperor William II’s brother Prince Henry, is located in the heart of Qingdao Old Town’s seashore district. It is majestically situated facing south on TaiPing Road looking out at iconic Zhan Qiao which is illustrated on the TsingTao beer label. The hotel  has south facing verandas and outstanding views of Qingdao Bay with Huangdao in the distance. Prinz Heinrich Hotel, designed by both Paul Friedrich Richter and Curt Rothkegel from Germany, was under construction from 1911 until June, 1912 when it was completed. Constructed of Mount Lao granite, brick, and steel with three stories above ground and one basement, the Prinz Heinrich Hotel has a ground area of 2,570.12 square meters with a floor space of 2,989.42 square meters. The hotel has a large concert hall & ball room along with several grand banquette halls. Prinz Heinrich Hotel, now called Zhan Qiao Prince Hotel, has always  been renowned for local Qingdao seafood dishes.  It’s a great place to kick off a grand tour of Qingdao Old Town.


Site of the former Prinz Heinrich Hotel
31 TaiPing Road
Completed in 1912
ShiNan District, Shandong Province, Qingdao. P.R. China
青岛亨利王子饭店旅馆旧址: 中国山东省青岛市市南区 太平路31号

Photograph © Colton Dirks

Prinz Heinrich Hotel – Qingdao Old Town
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