Mount Lao (Laoshan) Jufeng Scenic Area

Mount Lao Jufeng Scenic Area

Mount Lao (Láo Shān 崂山) Jufeng Scenic Area in Qingdao, centering on 7.4 square kilometers, is comprised of granite mountain peaks and forests accessible by foot, car, or cable car from all sides.

Mount Lao Jufeng Scenic Area Accessibility:
(1) Eastern route: Shangqing Palace or MingXia (Bright Sunshine) Cave → Jufeng Peak. (2) Western route: HanHe → ShiBaPan (Eighteen Mountain Bends) → LiuShuTai (Willow Mountain) → Shang ShiBaPan → Jufeng Peak. (3) Northwestern route: YuLinKou (Fish Scale Pass) → 5km Mountain Climbing → Jufeng Peak. (4) Northern route: WeiZhu Temple → MingDaoGuan (Bright Taoism) Temple → HuaLiuKou (Slippery Pass) → Jufeng Peak.

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