2012 IndyCar China CANCELLED

IndyCar China, Qingdao - Cancelled

The first ever IndyCar race to be held in China on August 19th, has been canceled after several months of renegotiation by the Qingdao City Government citing conflicts with the Qingdao International Beer Festival.

The 2012 IndyCar Race China, hyped by the local media, was never a sure thing given Qingdao’s previous history of last minute cancellations. Last November 2011 the initial contract was drafted, however, the current Qingdao City Government administration, led by the new mayor from WeiFang, hit the brakes hard on this event.

Despite an existing contract, new leadership in local government balked at the IndyCar race … The new mayor took office on March 28, and it was his opinion that it shouldn’t be run at the same time as the beer festival – AP News

This marks the first time in 10 years that IndyCar won’t race in Asia.

2012 IndyCar China CANCELLED
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