2010 Spring Festival Attractions

January 1st, 2010  –  February 28th, 2010
2010 Spring Festival TigerLang Ya Tai, Jiao Nan:  30元
Signal Park:  13元
Qingdao Hill Fort:  10元
Forest Wild Animal World:  45元
Mei Garden:  10元
Folk Museum:  Free
Olympic Sailing Center:  Free
Bao Long Garden:  50元 (After 16:00 – 40元)
TV Tower:  25元 (For Qingdao citizens only)
Chengyang International Arts & Crafts City:  Free
Guest House:  10元 (20% discount for group)
Prison Museum:  10元 (Free Spring Festival Holiday)

Some Qingdao attractions have promotional rates through spring festival this year. This is your chance to get out and see some of the things that you have always been meaning to visit.

2010 Spring Festival Attractions
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