Qingdao Spends 1.5 Million RMB on Toilet Paper

Qingdao WC

Qingdao ShiNan District Vice Governor announced that the government will spend 1.5 million RMB for free toilet paper at various public bathrooms throughout Qingdao City. There are 24 public WCs in ShiNan District that are included in this pilot program to “enhance tourism” in China’s Sailing City: XiLingXia Park, ZhanQiao Pier, ZhanQiao East, LuXun Park, ShanHaiGuan Park, Ju YongGuan Road, HuaShi Villa, HuangHai Road, TaiPingJiao 1st Road, ZhanShan 5th Road, Beach No. 3, TianLin Garden, May 4th Square, BaDaXia Square, SanMenXia Road, Old Peoples Activity Center, GuanYinXia Road, ShaoGuan Road, Music Square, TaiWan Road, HaiQu Garden …

The program started on June 22nd, 2012 and will be fully operational by July 1st, 2012. The idea is to provide a better “more western” atmosphere for Qingdao’s tourism industry.

Qingdao Spends 1.5 Million RMB on Toilet Paper
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