Qingdao SY Experimental Theater

Qingdao SY Experimental Theater opened last year with government support to help promote and give Qingdao residents an opportunity to participate in local drama and musical performances. Recent performances have included: Runaway Bride, Complicity with Cupid, Dogs Life, and Under The Banyan Tree.

对于青岛本土热爱话剧表演的人士,实验剧场将提供舞台,给予登台表演的机会. 实验剧场还计划全方位包装话剧作品,打造本土话剧明星. 9月16日揭牌仪式当天,实验剧场将启动“首席剧星”评选活动,热爱戏剧的青岛话剧迷都可以报名,寻找成为下一个舞台明星的机会.

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