German Navy Battalion – Qingdao Old Town

Qingdao German Navy Battalion

During the earlier stages of German Occupation of Qingdao, this building constructed of brick, wood, and stone was used as the headquarters of the Second German Navy Battalion as well as the officers’ living quarters. It has a villa-like plane layout with a facade decorated in numerous stone strips at its corners, window frames and gables. The building was built in 1899, covering a ground space of 3,008.68 square meters and a floor space of 1,515.11 square meters.

青岛德国海军第二营营部、海军官邸,属德占早期建筑作品。建筑的平面设计酷似别墅,为砖木石结构。 建筑立面上用石条作为主要装饰材料,大量使用于转角、窗套、山墙面等处。 立面的西南角设凸窗,上部并排两个绿盔状屋顶,西部和临街的南部均设有木质敞廊。 该楼建于1899年,占地面积3008.68平方米,建筑面积1515.11平方米。

Site of the former German Navy Battalion Headquarters
9 YiShui Road
Built in 1899
ShiNan District, Shandong Province, Qingdao. P.R. China
青岛德国海军第二营营部大楼旧址: 中国山东省青岛市市南区 沂水路9号

Photograph © Colton Dirks

German Navy Battalion – Qingdao Old Town
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