Former Residence of Diederich – Qingdao Old Town

Former Residence Diederich - Qingdao Old Town

This majestic villa of old Qingdao, located on the tableland of YiShui Road just down the street from the old Qingdao American Consulate, was built in 1907. This red brick villa is an independent idyllic house constructed on a stone base under a red tiled roof. The wall of the top floor is a half timber structure decorated with glazed tiles of intricate patterns. The architraves and the decorations on the components of the girder are typical of the architecture at the turn of the 19th century. The elegant and magnificent construction of this ‘Qingdao Old Town’ villa reflects the traditional German architecture of the Middle Ages.

青岛迪德里希旧宅坐落于台地上,是一幢建于1907年的田园式独立小住宅,方整石勒脚,清水红砖墙,红瓦屋顶。顶层外墙为露半木构架形式,稍向外挑。墙面局部镶嵌带图案的釉面瓷砖做装饰。 整幢建筑典雅华丽,具有德意志中古期传统建筑风格。

Site of the former Residence of Diederich
7 YiShui Road
Built in 1907
Shinan District, Shandong Province, Qingdao. P.R. China
青岛迪德里希旧宅: 中国山东省青岛市市南区 沂水路7号

Photograph © Colton Dirks

Former Residence of Diederich – Qingdao Old Town
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