Qingdao to Huangdao: Bridge & Tunnel

Qingdao’s, not to mention, the “world’s longest trans-oceanic bridge” spanning 41.58 kilometer, opened 30 June 2011. Qingdao City is now linked to Huangdao district, crossing over Jiaozhou Bay and shortening the current route by 30 kilometers, saving passengers about 10 to 20 minutes depending on destination. The Qingdao Haiwan Bridge connects Qingdao City, Jiaozhou, and Huangdao. With a prohibitive toll of 50 RMB per private vehicle and only three toll booths on the Huangdao side which can back-up traffic significantly to increase the total travel time to 4+ hours, the bridge is rendered useless to the average tourist or local resident.

The sub-oceanic tunnel, China’s longest, cuts the travel time from Qingdao’s Tuandao to Huangdao’s Economic and Development Zone (Kaifaqu) from one hour to just 10 minutes. The sub-oceanic tunnel to Huangdao opened 28 June 2011. A One-way bus trip costs 2 RMB while the toll for passenger cars is 30 RMB. With 8 toll booths per side, this seems to be the fastest and most economical way to get to Huangdao. Additional tourist infrastructure is in the works to elevate this extra traffic. See Huangdao (Kaifaqu & Xuejiadao) Expansion for details.

There are currently 4 bus lines through the Qingdao – Huangdao Tunnel:
Tunnel Bus No. 1: Shandong Technology University (Huangdao) – Qing Yi Fu Yuan (Qingdao) 34.5Km

  • Stops:  Shandong Science Technology University,  Aucma Industry Zone,  West Coast Hospital,  BinHai College,  East Gate of Bonded Port,  Huangdao Traffic Bureau,  Huangdao Long Distance Bus Station,  Huangdao Government,  Harbor Relax Village,  BeiChuan dormitory,  Beichuan Heavy Industry,  Tuandao,  Xi Zhen,  Qingdao Train Station,  Municipal Hospital (West) and Qing Yi Fu Yuan, …
  • Hours: 5:00am-8:00pm Start at Shandong Science Technology University

Tunnel Bus No. 2: Xue Jia Dao Hub Station – ZhongShan Park (Tian Tai Stadium) 14.2Km

  • Stops:  Xue Jia Dao Hub Station,  TaiXi 3rd Road,  BeiChuan Heavy Industry,  Tuandao, Qingdao Train Station,  Zhan Qiao, Luxun Park,  Beach No. 1 and Zhongshan Park (TianTai Stadium), …
  • Hours: Xue Jia Dao Hub Station 5:30am-9:00pm, TianTai Stadium 6:05am-9:35pm

Tunnel Bus No. 3: Xue Jia Dao – LiJin Road Bus station 17Km

  • Stops:  Xue Jia Dao,  BeiChuan Heavy Industry,  Tuan Dao,  DongPing Road,  Qingdao Train Station, ZhongShan Road,  Municipal Hospital (West),  ChengDe Road,  15 Middle School,  Tai Dong and LiJin Road Bus Station, …
  • Hours: LiJin Road Bus Station 5:50am-9:00pm, XueJiaDao Hub Station 6:20am-9:30pm

Tunnel Bus No. 4: Xue Jia Dao Hub Station – SiFang Bus Station 16.5Km

  • Stops: Tunnel: Xue Jia Dao Hub Station,  BeiChuan Heavy Industry,  HeZe Road, HaiYuan,  TaiShan Road,  HuaYang Road,  ChangChun Road and Sifang Bus Station, …
  • Hours: SiFang Bus Station 5:50am-9:00pm, XuJiaDao Hub Staion 6:20am-9:30pm
Qingdao to Huangdao: Bridge & Tunnel
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