Anhui Road – Qingdao Old Town

AnHui Road, running north and south to GuangXi Road, is one of Qingdao’s historical landmarks which provides a glimpse into the Sailing City’s diverse international history. Following AnHui Road north, it splits into parallel one way streets with Laoshe Park in the middle.

Constructed in 1901 by a trading company and located on the north eastern intersection with GuangXi Road, it was originally a business building later changed into a German post office. After the German concession it became Qingdao Post Office. In 2010 it became the Qingdao Postal and Telecommunications Museum.

Site of Jiao Ao Post Office (Postal Museum)
5 AnHui Road

Bus Stop – Zhan Qiao: #25, #223, #225, #304, #311, # 312, #316, #321, #501, #801

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Anhui Road – Qingdao Old Town
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