Life in Badaguan

In the fall of 2011 I was lucky enough to find a short term rental in the heart of Badaguan (my neighbor’s house photographed left). Being located 2 minutes walk from Qingdao’s most famous beach, I have regained the simple pleasures of life. As most know, Badaguan is one of Qingdao’s historical gems that are set apart from the rest of mainland China.

Simply put, Badaguan is named after 8 famous passes (trade routes) used throughout the historical past of China’s Great Wall.

To live in Badaguan is a fall back on the grandeur Qingdao’s colonial past. The European architecture is simply stupefying. Forget the high rises of Qingdao’s CBD – get out and take a walk though Qingdao’s international historical past.

Qingdao’s openness to international business has put this once small fishing village on a path that might claim the city, not only as China’s sailing city, but also as Shandong’s premier Blue Economic Zone.

Source: Qingdao Tour Guides, Translators, & Interpreters

Life in Badaguan
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