Double Decker Sightseeing Tourist Bus

The “China Red” double-decker sightseeing bus will start service at the end of July 2011. Highlighting Qingdao’s natural beauty and historical attractions, this is an ideal way to get a glimpse of  what makes the Sailing City one of China’s popular tourists destinations. The Qingdao “China Red” has 15 stops including: HuiQuan Beach, ZhongShan Park, BaDaGuan, May 4th Square, International Marina, YinHai Yacht Club, Polar Ocean World, Sculpture Park, Stone Man beach, Stone Man, Stone Man Sightseeing Garden, ShaZiKou, YuLin Valley, and Laoshan Tourist Service Center. The one-way trip is about 30 Km long and takes close to 60 minutes to complete with stops about every 1.87 Km.

Currently there are 10 buses in service with plans to start 2 new lines. The bus is not a guided tour so you might consider contacting one of the local tour guides & translators to accompany you for an unforgettable experience.

Double-decker Sightseeing Tour Bus Tickets:
10 RMB/one destination, one way
30 RMB/unlimited destinations within 24 hours

Double Decker Sightseeing Tourist Bus
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