Clipper Yacht Race 09-10 (QD Day 21)

Clipper 09-10: Race 4 – Cape Town to Geraldton, Western Australia

Day 21With only 1 nautical mile between their distances to finish at the 0600GMT position report this morning, a three-boat battle has commenced between Jamaica Lightning Bolt, Qingdao and Edinburgh Inspiring Capital.Qingdao’s skipper, Chris Stanmore-Major, says:

“There are two kinds of wind hole, ones you find alone and ones you find with friends. My favorite is the shared kind and by happy coincidence in the last hour we have evidence that we are not alone. Far away to the south a tiny triangle of white has hove into sight and it would appear that after a storming night Jamaica Lightning Bolt, kings of the wind hole, are with us.  Whilst it is a pity to have lost the lead we had over them it is also great to have someone to race against in a very tangible manner.”

It is amazing that after 4,000 nautical miles we are together again – the last time we saw Jamaica Lightning Bolt was in the wind hole under Table Mountain nearly a month ago! With 20 miles between us and the boat currently lying in third and 750 miles to go, this race is razor close and potentially anyone’s.

Positions at 0600 UTC, Saturday 12 December:
** Team Finland Stealth Mode
1 – Spirit of Australia 690nm 0nm
2 – Cape Breton Island 719nm 29nm
3 – Uniquely Singapore 721nm 31nm
4 – Jamaica Lightning Bolt 750nm 60nm
5 – Qingdao 751nm 61nm
6 – Edinburgh Inspiring Capital 751nm 61nm
7 – California 136nm 98nm
8 – Cork 823nm 124nm
9 – Hull & Humber 2502nm 1811nm(*DTF = Distance to Finish, *DTL = Distance to Leader)

For event management and further details please contact the Qingdao International Yacht Club (QIYC).

Photo ‘Qingdao’ © Clipper Ventures PLC

Clipper Yacht Race 09-10 (QD Day 21)
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