Bus 617 – Qingdao to Jimo Hot Springs

Qingdao Bus No. 617 is the longest public bus line that runs from Qingdao East Bus Station to Jimo Hot Spring Town. With a total length of 48 Km, there are 12 bus stops which include: East Bus Station, LiaoYang East Road, GuTao, Ocean University Laoshan Campus, Zhou Ge Zhuang, Da Lao, Jiang Jia Tu Zhai Dong, He Shan, National Ocean Research Center, Ao Shan Wei, HaiQuan Bay, and LingHai Expo Center.

The total one-way trip takes around 90 minutes and costs 6 RMB/Person; the bus charges a certain rate per number of stops similar to that of bus number 304.

Current Hours of Operation:
East Bus Station: 7:00am – 4:00pm
LingHai Expo Center: 9:00am – 6:00pm

Bus 617 – Qingdao to Jimo Hot Springs
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