Qingdao Clipper Set Sail for Home

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The Qingdao Clipper is now on its way home to China’s Sailing City.  After 7 days in Singapore the 2011-12 Clipper Fleet have begun race 8, the last of leg 5 which should put them in Qingdao at the end of February for a grand welcoming reception and awards ceremony at the Qingdao International Marina & Olympic Sailing Center (EDA 22-25 Feb 2012).

The journey to Qingdao from Singapore will “be one of extremes, taking the teams from the melting heat and humidity of Singapore to the freezing temperatures of a northern hemisphere winter as they race up through the South China Sea, past Taiwan and on into the East China Sea and finally the Yellow Sea, where conditions for both boats and crews can be brutal.”

Overall Standings After Race 7
Gold Coast Australia – 73 points
Visit Finland – 53 points
De Lage Landen – 46 points
New York – 40 points
Singapore – 38 points
Welcome to Yorkshire – 37 points
Derry-Londonderry – 35 points
Qingdao – 34 points
Geraldton Western Australia – 31 points
Edinburgh Inspiring Capital – 14 points

Godspeed to all:  Click here for live race action.
Click here for more info on Racing Ports.
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3 Responses to “Qingdao Clipper Set Sail for Home”

  1. Qingdao Clipper says:

    Guaranteed a hero’s welcome after completing Race 8 are the crew and skipper of Chinese entry, Qingdao. Currently racing on the way to their home-port crew and skipper are intent on a podium position finish.

  2. Qingdao Clipper says:

    “So far our tactic of heading north early has failed to pay out but we are still hopeful that it will and with only 40 miles separating the fleet it is still tight,” confirms skipper, Ian Conchie. “We should clear the last of the islands tonight and as the fleet heads out towards Taiwan we will see where we end up.

    “It is nice, however, to leave behind the shipping lanes that we have had to deal with for the last few days. In the meantime the temperature remains high and working in the galley during the day is the worst with the heat and a heeling boat to deal with.”

  3. Qingdao Clipper says:

    “The Qingdao crew are determined to do well on this race and are hoping to secure their first podium finish, as well as become the first team to win a race to their home port in this edition of the Clipper Race. They have taken a westerly course while the rest of the pack stays to the east.”

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