Qingdao Sailing Week 2010

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Qingdao International Sailing Week 2010:  August 21st – 29th, 2010

Qingdao International Marina:

21st August: Qingdao International Sailing Week 2010 Opening Ceremony.
13th-23rd August: International OP Class Sailing Camp / International Optimist Sailing Regatta.
18th-25th August: “Lu Shang Cup” Qingdao International Sailing Regatta (Flying Tiger Sailboats).
22nd-29th August: The 2nd Mayor’s Cup International Sailing Regatta (Dalian to Qingdao).
21st August: Qingdao Olympic Sailing Museum offers free admission after 12:00 noon.

Source: www.qdsailing.org
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  1. Alice Kelly says:

    i love to sail at sea or on a river, sailing has been my hobby for several years already.

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